Harmonic Heaven

What they are saying about Arjuna’s New CD, Harmonic Heaven…

“My first listen to Harmonic Heaven was quite a surprise. While I am familiar with the power of Arjuna’s harmonic singing, Harmonic Heaven
takes it to a new level. Listening to the stunning vocals immediately brought me an experience of being bathed in Light and surrounded by an angelic choir. I have never had such an intense and poignant experience from music before. Repeated listening brings the same peace that I feel after meditating. Harmonic Heaven is more than just beautiful music, it’s a powerful catalyst to remembering the beauty of life and the power of the human voice.” -Jamie Price

“I bought your latest CD at the conference and I want you to know that it is completely and totally transformative! WOW, this CD is amazing. From the moment the sound was projected I felt myself drifting away and into the zone of peace and love that is our true nature. What a gift! Thank you for creating such beauty and sharing it with the world!” – Elizabeth Sullivan

“It’s sad but very beautiful music. I listen to it every night as I go to sleep.” -Savya Lee